Parent-Infant classes

In our respectful parent-infant class your children will be free to play in a safe, clean, and stimulating environment with other children of a similar developmental stage. The facilitator will be the one who interacts with the children, modelling respectful parenting strategies; the parents get the chance to sit back and watch as we learn together. In the second part of the class, there is an opportunity to address issues and thoughts with the facilitator.

The groups are based on gross motor skills more than age. There are some short descriptions of the classes below.

Newborn Class

(0-4 months)

We remember those first weeks and months – so wonderful and so tiring, so heart-warming and sometimes so lonely. This class is a space for parents to come with their tiny new babies to hang out, and chat, and learn about the philosophy in a relaxed setting. Maybe even make some new friends who have babies of the same age – something that can help so much at 3am when you want some friendly support! 

Babies on their back, rolling or working on crawling

(approx. 4-7 months)

At 4 months your little one is losing the palmar grasp reflex, so they can start to enjoy holding and exploring things independently – so beautiful to watch. In this class the babies will be given gentle opportunities to interact with the age-appropriate stimuli, while staying within the safety and closeness of the caregiver. It is an excellent age to begin your respectful parenting journey as you learn the ideas and philosophies early and can set yourself up for the different challenges to come.

Mobile babies crawling or newly walking

(approx. 6 - 12 months)

Your baby is moving! This is such an exciting time – they might be pulling themselves up, or commando-creeping along the floor – we used to say one of our sons looked like a Komodo dragon at 10 months! In these classes the baby will have the chance to move safely around, with every toy being something open-ended, which they can explore at their own pace. As you watch the facilitator interact with the babies, you will have the opportunity to see how we can start, even at this young age, to model gentle interactions with peers, and to understand how capable our babies are.

Toddlers 1

(approx. 1 – 2 years-old)

Toddler time! This is a whole new world for our babies, and for us! Some of them may be talking a little, some may be running about getting into everything, and they may be starting to show us that they are a bit more determined about their desires and needs now. This class has a pickler triangle and a climbing frame for their gross motor development – babies of this age often need to climb and climb! After 18 months some babies are starting to use pretend play which is such a joy to observe. There will be more opportunities for them to engage with this developmental milestone, as well as the possible new interest in puzzles and building – common play schemas at this age. Parenting challenges are different now, and we have a regular online workshop that accompanies this class for caregivers to have the opportunity to ask more questions.

Toddlers 2

(approx. 2 – 3 years-old)

The twos! Often called terrible – but we like to call terrific! Two is an incredible time – so many things are happening here. New types of play, new types of interactions with their peers, and ooooh sharing! We can’t wait to support toddlers and parents at this precious age. This class is slightly different, with extra online workshops when your child isn’t around. It functions a little more like a playgroup; giving caregivers a chance to observe the facilitator model gentle ways to help our little ones understand this new, more social age.

As we intentionally create a cohort of infants or toddlers to build the baby’s security and parent community, the classes are not interchangeable and require a commitment of 6 weeks minimum.

Parent-Infant Classes are exclusively for parents and their babies. Nannies and other childcarers are welcome to come to the Playgroups.

The first class is free.

The monthly cost is 70 euros and is prorated based on your start date. Classes are billed at the beginning of every month and begin as young as 2 months old and, on average, last until the children are three-years-old. The membership can be cancelled anytime after the first 6 weeks.

We recognise that many of us are international and need to travel. Therefore, we allow for suspension of payment if you need to go away for an extended period.

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